Week 1: Wednesday, May 1, 2002. The Abbey Lounge, 3 Beacon Street, Inman Square, Somerville.
Here are some pictures from that week! (photos by Paul Coleman)

(Teenbeat Records)
Mark is the founder and manager of the Teenbeat label. He has been a member of Unrest, Air Miami, Grenadine, and Flin Flon. He co-wrote a song for Bastro, produced albums by Cold Cold Hearts and Tuscadero, and has performed in Luna, Superchunk, and Versus. Currently he is working on his solo guitar work and his experimental and piano music. His electronic music series is entitled EM. He does graphic design under the moniker Timonium.
Mark Robinson
Seana Carmody Trio SEANA CARMODY
(Kimchee Records)
Throughout the '90s, Seana Carmody sang and played guitar in one of the seminal cult bands of the decade, the Boston-based Swirlies, whose mixture of dreamy, shoegazing guitar pop and wild sonic experimentation earned them a small but extremely devoted core audience. She also briefly fronted Syrup USA, whose fantastical style of pop-rock borrowed from new wave and prog. Carmody contributed a solo track, "Crystallized Your World," to In My Living Room, Kimchee Records' appealing collection of gentle pop songs intended for living room enjoyment. Her solo album will be released this summer on Kimchee Records.


The MARY REILLYS are: Ben Hall (guitar, vox) Deb Klein (bass, guitar, vox) Keira Flynn (drums)

RECORDINGS: 7 Song Mini-LP recorded in the Summer of 2001 at the Nerve Center, Saugus, MA. by Christo. 3 Track Demo culled from this is available for booking and promotional folks.

SOUND: Jangly pop, both mellow and bouncy; harmonies. Comparisons? Hmmm... Yo La Tengo, R.E.M., Low, Neutral Milk Hotel. This is what we've been told!

The Mary Reilleys
The Tardy



The Tardy was born in the year 2000, when Jef Czekaj, looking to expand upon the 4-track, sample-heavy songs he had been writing and recording for several years, teamed with friend Steph Melikian to form a guitar and drums indie rock duo. Combining Jef's melodic, chimey guitar playing, Stephıs muscular drumming, and dueling vocal harmonies.

The Tardy play pop songs stripped to their core. With the most basic of tools and without layers of sound to hide behind, Jef and Steph create songs that youıll find yourself singing in the shower days after hearing them, songs that beg to be put on mix tapes. They have been compared to the Violent Femmes, the Spinanes, "pre-pretense R.E.M," and the Boston Phoenix has called the songs "Hate-Your-Friends era Lemonheads as recorded by the Elephant-6 pixies."

Press Photo.

Steph Tardy on Drums

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