Week 5: Wednesday, May 29, 2002. The Abbey Lounge, 3 Beacon Street, Inman Square, Somerville. 21+. Shows start at 9. Here are some pictures from that week! (Operators photos by Roland G. Ouellette, other photos by Paul and Kathleen Coleman)

Palomar is a NYC band that plays gritty sing-song pop-rock. Palomar (rhymes with Mallomar) formed in April 1998 as a trio: Rachel, Sasha, Matt. Two cassettes and a self-released 14-song CD later, the band recruited second guitarist, vocalist and Rachel's former bandmate from Trixie Belden, Christina, in Fall 2000 to stir up the noodles. In the summer of 2001, Sasha left Palomarsville and was replaced by Sarah, formerly of Philadelphian non-metal band Overlord.

Palomar has shared stages with The Strokes, Clinic, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Luna, The Gossip, Liars, Photon Band, Burning Airlines, The Microphones, Swearing At Motorists, Bangs, Sarge, The Figgs, Poem Rocket, Realistics and many others.

To recap, Palomar is currently Rachel, Matt, Christina and Sarah. Palomar's second full-length, Palomar II, is now available on The Self-Starter Foundation.


Once Upon A Time there lived two girls and a boy who dreamed of playing in a band. Their dreams came true in the form of several separate bands but as fate would have it, they broke up. Ever relentless, they avoided the pitfalls of answering flyers and other sordid measures and Tizzy was formed. Their music -- melodic, distorted, pop, and punk. They embarked on a self-booked tour, then a second tour. The rock grew stronger, tighter, and faster and finally, with their first full length CD ready for dissemination, Tizzy embarked on a third tour. A mission to save young minds from limp, weak pop. The last chapter begins with you reading this. You like the CD, Tizzy rocks for you, and everybody lives happily ever after. THE END.

Press Photo.

The Pee Wee Fist skirts the umbrellas commonly stuck up into the downpour of human desire, fear & loathing, love & confusion, melody & noise. Early shows were with friends who played in other bands like Throwing Muses and Clem Snide. Eventually the current lineup evolved: Peter Fitzpatrick, singer/songwriter/guitarist; Michael McLaughlin, accordionist (both of whom also play in Naftule's Dream - on John Zorn's Tzadik label); Andy Plaisted, drummer (formerly of Mother Brothers); Anna Johansson, bassist (formerly of Lincoln '65 and co-founder of Slow River Records); Moses Carr, guitarist (of The Legend of Jesse Christos); and Jon Bernhardt, thereminist (of the Lothars). All of the members sing and often other instruments are brought into the mix, from musical saw to tuba to waterproof radio.

In April 2000, in honor of their third anniversary, The Pee Wee Fist self-released a CD, "Breathing Apparatus," that received positive response from the press as well as heavy air play from college stations and Top 5 local airplay from commercial alternative radio station WFNX. One year later, Kimchee Records has released the bands' official debut - "Flying."

There are no formulas here, but the words, melodies and rhythms are tried and true. Their audience consists of a wide variety of musical tasters who have in common a love for genuine expression, whether it's a waltz or a wall of sound, whether it's squeezed out of an accordion, shaken out of a maraca, whispered through lips, plucked from a banjo or thrashed out of guitars.

The Pee Wee Fist

Milk and star-shaped cookies were served. There was also a piñata full of strange Japanese musical candy.
In 1998 classically-trained-violinist-turned-DIY-guitarist Emily Arkin and bassist from birth Jen Godfrey merged vocals with 4-track avatar Paul Coleman's sparse drumming. A year later, Stephanie Melikian joined the trio to share drumming, guitar playing, and bottle throwing duties. Together, the Operators stand out in the Boston scene as a unique blend of the Breeders, the Raincoats, and the Fall, with a healthy dose of dueling guitars and intriguing time changes. Over the past two years, the Ops have recorded and released two 7" records, I Accuse the Operators and Valentine; they've peformed with the likes of Bangs, Sarah Dougher, Mathlete, Tizzy, and Mr. Airplane Man; they played the Rockrgrl 2000 conference in Seattle and played and helped to organize Ladyfest*East 2001 in New York City, as well as a Punk Rock Crafts Fair and Indie-Rock Mini-Circus in Boston.

This show was the record release party for the Operators' first full-length CD, Citizens Band.


Operators photos by Roland G. Ouellette (above) and Jennifer Harris (left and below)

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