Week 3: Wednesday, May 15, 2002. The Abbey Lounge, 3 Beacon Street, Inman Square, Somerville. 21+. Shows start at 9. Here are some pictures from that week! (photos by Paul and Kathleen Coleman, Emily Arkin)

(Dark Beloved Cloud)
Awesome and snarly band of Fall fans, rocking like nobody has since Rough Trade 1981.
The In Out
The In Out
Swizzle is a pop band in the tradition of the Velvet Underground, The Feelies and Galaxy 500. Stripping songs down to the core of melody and rhythm, Swizzle makes the kind of music that you can enjoy while riding your bike, reading a book, dining in a fancy restasurant, or even while listening to other bands.
Taking a page from Belle and Sebastian, Swizzle covered the Pixies'Gigantic with a little impromptu Kim Deal impersonation by Emily Operator (who was still kicking herself over failing to jump onstage at B&S).
After moving back to boston over a year ago from philly, mac dare is finally trying to get his act together and start playing shows again. The last twelve months has seen a few of mac's songs be featured on compilations from unread records and Red Square/555 records, plus a west coast tour with his partner in pop crime, A Boy Named Thor.

When not distracted by his electronic remix experiments and on-again off-again hip-hop project, Mac sits down to write songs you want to listen to as the screen door opens and your loved one appears on the back porch: some old fashioned chewing on straw cowboy folk songs.

Mac Dare
Recordings of the toy piano stylings of Twink may be heard between live sets.
Mike Langlie grew up in Binghamton, NY, birthplace of The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling, and the self-proclaimed "Carousel Capital of the World" (both things being influences in Mike's music). Before moving to Boston and starting his toy piano project Twink, Mike played doom-and-gloom music in several goth and industrial groups. He's feeling much better these days, thank you very much.
coloring contest
There was a Twink art coloring contest too!
Late in the year 2000, Sinkcharmer sprung forth from the ashes of a delapidated 4 track recorder. Now, as a three headed beast, Sinkcharmer plays pop songs that draw on many resources and influences. As a result, the songs are distinct, quirky and, most of all, fun.

The upcoming album, Stars in Winter will be available at this show. A sneak peak is available Hear (Here).

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