Week 4: Wednesday, May 22, 2002. The Abbey Lounge, 3 Beacon Street, Inman Square, Somerville. 21+. Shows start at 9. Here are some pictures from that week! (photos by Paul and Kathleen Coleman)

(nawt*y shur*li) n. a wayward rock duo comprised two ladies not behaving well; mischievous; bad.

Cathy Cathodic, a female rapper/singer hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, is currently making noise on the scene with live shows and compact disc material. CATHY is a femcee with a refreshingly unique feel. Originally from Buffalo, NY, she speaks to the hidden complexities of daily interaction while trying to instill the messages of honesty and inner confidence in her listeners.

Scrapple perform something called Popera -- a cabaret of musical vignettes rolled out with props, costumes and such stuff -- backed by a wall of garage-disco-punk. Scrapple deliver a full-on cabarockshow, fraught with messages of love (Trash Ass), power (Shesus), safe sex (Slip It On), and gentital telepathy (Light-Up Alien P).

Formed in 1998, Scrapple is: Geisslah (vocalz & popera-izations), Christina Everett (vocalz & popera-izations), Lisa McColgan (beats & more vocal heat), t-Scan (electronics & strings), and Roland Smith (mutron-wah-drenched bass.)

When weary of the live stage, the Poperation has taken to the college airwaves with the Home Companion show, and straight to compact disk (see our two downloadable 5-song MP3-CDs). A couple of Scrap songs have appeared on compilations: "Light Up Alien Pussy" appears on Mr. Records' 1.5 -- a comp of Boston experimental and adventurous pop (listen to the MP3 version now), and "Shesus," on the Ladyfest*East compilation by 28Days Records.


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